Back Pain

Back Pain

Just about everyone will experience at least one episode of back pain and over half of the population will experience multiple episodes throughout their lives. Many people’s attitude toward back pain is to ignore it or take various over-the-counter medications to cover it up. While back pain can sometimes get better over time with rest, the reoccurrence rate is extremely high with episodes typically getting progressively worse.

The pain or discomfort we feel from time to time is our body’s early warning system telling us that something is not functioning properly. When we ignore these early signs, the pain may go away temporarily, but the problem is never actually addressed and the pain will eventually return. The longer you ignore the problem, the more complicated and potentially serious it becomes in the long run.

Chiropractors are skilled in the science and art of finding these problems and correcting or managing them through specific adjustments to the spine. Along with the adjustments, we often give advice on stretching and strengthening exercises, which can be done at home to help support the adjustment and prevent future recurrences.

While there are medical options for relieving back pain with drugs or surgery, both options cans have potentially serious side effects and studies have shown back surgery to be successful only approximately 50% of the time. Physical therapy will also help relieve back pain in certain circumstances, however if a joint is misaligned and not functioning properly, exercising that joint can actually lead to more injury.

Chiropractic has proven highly effective in not only treating back pain, but also helping to prevent future problems by focusing on the cause rather than the treatment of symptoms. Not only is Chiropractic highly effective, but it is also completely natural and relatively side effect free.