How To Fix Neck Pain Naturally – The Causes And Treatment Options


The neck is a delicate structure that serves as a bridge for the head to connect to the rest of the body. It has intricate muscles that run to the head and down to the backs, shoulders, and chest. It is these muscles as well as the spine that help it to stay upright. However, issues of neck pain can occur unexpectedly, and you will wonder why and what is the cause.

The Common Causes

In most cases, treating neck pain is possible through natural procedures that do not involve the use of medication. However, chronic pain may necessitate the need to take pain killers. Moreover, it is advisable also to seek comprehensive treatment from a certificated physiotherapist. The effectiveness of the natural approach to fixing this condition that is literally a pain in the neck, it based on knowing the potential causes and how to handle them. Some of the common causes of neck pain are:

• A bulged or herniated disc
A bulged or herniated disc is often caused by a severe injury that causes the inner disc to rupture or protrude through the outer part exerting pressure on one or more nerves.

• Muscle and tissue strain
The issue arises when the muscles or inner tissues in and around the neck are injured or placed in a strenuous position for an extended period. For instance, an injury to the shoulder can strain the neck muscles, and the same effect can also occur if you turn your neck too quickly.

• Muscle spasm
Motion in the muscles occurs due to contractions. However, engaging in one action repetitively and incorrectly will overstretch the neck muscles and injure them resulting in constant pain.

• Poor posture
With the spine running from the base of your skull and down the neck and back to the hips, sitting, sleeping, or even standing in an incorrect posture can misalign the spine at different points. For instance, if you have been in a strenuous forward head posture, that position will alter the neck’s curvature causes the spine and nerves in the neck to tense up while also straining the muscles.

• Arthritis
It is a degeneration condition characterized by wear and tear of muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments. Repetitive poor posture and certain activities that strain the bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments will to this painful degenerative condition that can affect different areas including the neck.

Natural Ways To Fix Neck Pain

The best approach To prevent and correct the aches you have in your neck would be to ensure that your spine is well aligned. You also need to adhere to the following:

1. Watch your posture: Be upright when you are seated or standing and avoid any position that will cause your neck or back to slouch.

2. Exercise the neck: Stretch your neck routinely so that it can be flexible and able to be accustomed to different stresses and strains that lead to the frequent pain you experience.

3. Relax your neck: This is essential especially when the neck tissue and muscles are strained. You can use a hot pad or an ice pack for this, as well as massage the affected areas. A hot pad or the ice pack (based on your preference) will help deal with the inflammation while also alleviating the pain.

4. Balms and ointments: You can opt to use special lotions and pain balms to relieve the aches. Apply and massage the lotion or salve on the affected area. Massaging the neck will promote more blood flow, and this help to reduce the pain. However, balms and ointments are but a temporary solution.

5. Use a neck brace: The brace will train your neck to stay in the correct position and is ideal if the pain is severe.

When all else fails, you should see a doctor. If the aches are persistent and are becoming more severe, then you should see a doctor to find the underlying cause and treat it and offer a lasting solution to the neck pain.