Our parents were right when they harped on us about standing or sitting up straight when we were young. A house is only as good as its foundation and frame, and our bodies are the same. Our posture can tell us a lot about our general health. It takes over 200 muscles working together just to stand up straight.

When our posture is good and our bodies balanced, our muscles do not have to work very hard, so we feel relaxed and energetic, and our joints stay healthy. However, when we slouch from sitting at a computer or desk all day, or from working long hours bent over, or from sitting on the couch watching TV, our posture slowly gets worse over time and with this our muscles can become unbalanced and our joints misaligned.

When this happens we feel tired more quickly because those muscles now have to work harder just to keep you from tipping over.

Chiropractic helps to improve overall health by finding abnormalities in a patient’s posture and addressing it through chiropractic adjustments, stretching and strengthening exercises.

These adjustments will help improve your balance, reduce your workload with more efficient movement, increasing your overall energy and vitality. Since postural changes often begin when we are very young, it is also important to get your children checked.