Remedies For Treating Headaches


Do you keep having headaches all the time and you have no idea what to do to ease the pain? The good news is that there are several techniques one may use to help with the pain. Headaches are prevalent all over the world. Not a day ends, without there being a case of headache reports.

Dehydration, systemic illnesses, stress and change in blood circulation may trigger headaches. It is good to get the facts about effective headache treatment to help you cope with the head pains. It is also wise to know what triggered the headache; that way, you may be able to deal with the issue promptly. Below are some remedies that will leave you feeling better in no time.


One of the most effective ways to treat a headache is engaging yourself in physical activity. This has been proven to reduce the frequency and severity of the pain. Some of the activities you may choose include cycling, stretching and yoga. Free some time in a week either alone, or with a friend and go cycling around your home area.

Research shows that people who don’t involve themselves in exercises have a higher risk of having a headache. Exercise improves blood circulation in the body and this helps to keep headaches at bay. If you are not a fan of cycling, you may opt to increase the number of steps you make in a day. Stretching helps to reduce tension in the body as well as promote blood flow. Such exercises promote relaxation of the body hence easing the pain.

Cold Compress.

The other technique involves applying cold compresses to the head and neck area. This helps to constrict the blood vessels, reducing headache pain. It also slows down the nerve conduction and reduces inflammation which would otherwise cause head pains. To do this, put some ice cubes in a cloth, and wrap the fabric, then dab it on the head and neck areas. The importance of this is that the cold helps to constrict the blood vessels making them shrink. Once they shrink, they stop pressing on the sensitive nerves, relieving the pain.

Also, since most headache pains originate from the nerves located in the neck area, try compressing the muscles at the back of the skull. The other alternative involves soaking your hands in cold water for a long time. While still submerging your hands, continuously, open and close your fists as this helps to narrow your dilated blood vessels hence reducing pain.

Take Caffeine.

Caffeine has some property which helps to ease headache pain. It reduces swelling of the blood vessels, relieving one from the pain. Prepare some tea or coffee with some caffeine in it and drink it. Be wary of drinking too much caffeine since caffeine withdrawal may cause a headache too. It is therefore advised that you take considerable amounts. If you had taken some tea with caffeine earlier, avoid taking more caffeine, and instead use another technique.

Drink Water.

Drinking considerable amounts of water helps to minimise the occurrence of headaches. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of headaches since it impairs concentration, interferes with blood circulation and causes irritation. If you want to avoid getting dehydration headaches, ensure that you eat water-rich fruits and vegetables during the day as well as take enough water. To make it easier for you, walk around with your refillable water bottle to allow you to drink more water in a day.

Frequent headaches cause irritation in people, and for this reason, it is vital to come up with simple and natural ways to treat the pain. From the above discussion, exercises, caffeine, high intake of water are some of the simple ways you can use to reduce headache pains. Consider using some of the techniques, and you will not regret it.