Shoulder, Arm and Hand Problems

Shoulder, Arm and Hand Problems

Problems in the arms and hands can actually originate in the neck or upper thoracic area of the spine. The nerves that branch off the spinal cord in the neck run through the shoulder area and all the way down to your fingers.

Since the nervous system controls everything in your body, our first priority is to examine the spine in order to get to the most likely cause of your problem.

There are instances through where misalignments of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, or joints in the hand can lead to pain and dysfunction. Once all spinal causes of dysfunction have been ruled out, we will address any joint misalighnments in the extremity to restore proper joint function.

Gentle manipulation of joints can often get a “stuck” joint repositioned and moving properly again allowing normal function to return and pain relief. We will also often recommend specific strengthening and range of motion exercises to reinforce the work we do in the office.

As with any care in our office, if your problem falls outside our “scope” of practice, we will refer you to the proper specialist.