Stress is something we all encounter at different levels during various times of our lives. Not all stress is bad. An intense workout for a fit 25 year old would be considered constructive stress, while the same workout for an out of shape 65 year old would be considered deadly stress.

What matters most is how our bodies are conditioned to handle stress, because let’s face it no matter who you are, stress will arise at some point for everyone. Many factors go into being prepared for physical stresses including a balanced nutritious diet and regular exercise. At the foundation of this fitness though is having a healthy functioning nervous system and a sound structural foundation.

Our spine houses our nervous system and is often overlooked when thinking of overall health, yet it is a known fact our nervous systems control every single thing we do as human beings. For this reason it is vital to take special care of our spines.

When we experience stress, our muscles tense up, especially the musculature in our necks and back. If there are any “weak links” in the spine this muscle tension can cause joint strains with misalignments, which we call vertebral subluxations.

These subluxations can potentially put pressure on nerves and slow down the message going through it. Our bodies are generally very resilient when it comes to various stressors, but when they persist without being addressed, they can have a dramatic impact on overall health.

Chiropractic specializes in analyzing and correcting these vertebral subluxations. As practitioners of a natural and prevention-oriented health care science, we do our best to educate patients on reducing stresses in their lives.