Tucson, AZ


Our office has on-site x-ray equipment. Specific stretches or exercises, nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice may also be introduced to improve your treatment outcome.

Our procedures are designed to provide you with care that’s been tested by years of experience. The following is a general overview of our treatment approach and on-site facilities.

On the first visit, we begin with a consultation, where your doctor will truly listen to understand your health concerns. This will be followed by a chiropractic exam to gather the necessary information. If appropriate, x-rays may be taken on site. On the second visit, the doctor will then give you a report on his findings and answer questions regarding your health and give you his recommendations for care. If we do not feel your problem can be helped by chiropractic, we will be upfront and honest with you and do our best to refer you to the proper physician or therapist.

Our doctor adjusts the full spine and extremities using a combination of different Palmer package techniques. Adjustments may be performed on a specially designed table with drop pieces that assist in low-impact methods of adjusting. The tables raise and lower to make it easy for injured patients to receive treatment. Our doctor is knowledgeable in several methods of adjusting and will use the approach most effective for your specific problem. Adjusting techniques include: Thompson, Gonstead, Diversified, Palmer Package, and Flexion-Distraction.